“Took a wonderful Moving Through the Tree of Life class with Sue. The calm, professional and gentle manner in which Sue led the class proved to be a total escape from our hectic, over-programmed lives. As importantly, Sue imbued what we were learning with Jewish flavor, weaving in Judaic teachings throughout the session. I felt renewed, enlightened, relaxed and so much better able to re-enter everyday life with a calmer perspective.”

— JG, Florida

“I attended a Moving Through the Tree of Life session with Sue Gurland at Ruach Nashim, the Jewish women’s spirituality retreat in Los Angeles. It was an experience of grace, grounding and Divine connection. Sue uses powerful images to facilitate a meaningful process which allows for the intersecting of the spirit and the body.”
— DBK, California

“During the meditation, Sue showed us an illustration of G-d’s name in Hebrew. It depicted Hashem’s name in a vertical position, each letter standing on the one below. The beauty of the letters and sheer symbolism was, to me, overwhelming. I immediately sought out the artist and acquired a copy of my own. I treasure it.”
— FG, Florida

“I loved your class and your beautiful , warm, gentle and welcoming ways that are so healing, thank G-d. You helped me feel the energy in my hands for the first time. May you be blessed to continue shining your light into many lives, truly brightening our world.”
— BG, Maryland

“I loved chanting the Shema. It really touched me, and I was amazed at the awesome sound we made.”
— CC, Florida

“I was so impressed by how aware I became with each of the four areas of my body, and their relationship to the Tree of Life.”
— CLZ, Florida

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